Growing Up!

Is really hard. Depending on how you was raise, and who raised you. You have your kids that was grew up in a working family, where their parents worked to get what they wanted, and they expect their kids to work for what they want and not to live off their parents after they turn at least 16. Which these kids are normally the ones that had chores in their lifetime, and was taught how to raise their kids, by practicing with their little sisters or brothers, and how to do their own laundry, and how to do their own dishes. And then you have the ones that get overly spoiled and their mommy and daddy still do all these things for them until they get to old to where they cant. In a way that is kind of pathetic, that our parents would do us like that knowing that one day we will be living on our own, and may or may not have our own kids. So when these kids get older to where their parents cant take care of them anymore, what do they do out there in this lonely world, how are they going to know how to take care of themselves if they never was taught how to do so?


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