Music is awesome and it sometimes makes you depressed or happy. It’s weird how it works. How life works and revolves around all these entertainment stuff music falling in at number one. “let’s watch this city burn till there is nothing left” it’s odd how you can remember certain courses of the songs I could go on and on naming parts of a song. Music has been around for years and years and for more years to come . There is so many different genera’s of music. It’s crazy, it’s like what would happen to all of us in this life if we didn’t have music to listen to and live for and by? Would it be a big mess, would it become more dangerous out their in this world. If the slightest bit, we would never know. It’s something to really think about long ago before we even had rappers, and country music stars, music to people than was just beats on a drum, and a rock. How did it all evolve into singing and music videos?? And it’s even more amazing how technology has a really big affect on all this. How much smarter the world is getting. If we didn’t have all this would the world ended a long time ago, or is it maybe the fact all this is causing the world to come to end sooner than it was suppose too. Cause the internet thinks it knows all and has all kinds of crazy stuff on it that may or may not be true, but no one really knows, cause their is something in the human mind that makes us believe almost everything that we read. And you have all the time people posting stuff basically saying this ” Believe this or Die” Which is the most stupid way of doing something, anything actually, ever. All because all this shit is cluttered on the internet everyone thinks it is true, And that is true because allot of people think the internet cant put nothing on their unless its true, and I am not talking about Facebook, Twitter, And My space, cause those are just social networks, where you can connect and talk to your friends and meet new people. I’m more than less talking about Google, and you can find almost anything on Google, and if its on Google rather or not if its true or not someone out their is believing it. Because the internet just has that kind of affect on you. And another thing for all the smokers out their, that may or may not want to quite, Don’t quite cold turkey, the doctor says so. But if you do smoke and afraid to quit like me because i am afraid i will have more problems after i quit than while i was smoking, that is most likely true, cause i have an uncle that quit smoking and now he has more problems with his health than he did, And you have everyone telling you that if you don’t stop smoking your going to get cancer and die, yes that may be true, but everyone’s body is different it may take longer or shorter time for some people to get that, but i think of it as well if i continue smoking knowing the harms and affects of it, it will eventually kill me, but it will be a slow causing death, but if i quit smoking it may speed up my time in life, and it may hurt me sooner, than what it would of if i wouldn’t of stopped. We are told to question everything in life, and when we was around 2 years old we did question everything, everything thing that came out of mouth was a who why where and when, but now their are people out there who want you to question everything life including, and as far as I’m concern that might not be such a bad idea, but there is one thing you should never do and that is question GOD, because every day that you wake up to see the sunshine, out your window, or the the life around you, you should be thankful that you are alive. Every generation that their is, is getting further and further away from thy lord, but it’s not the kids fought and eventually it wont be the adults fought either, cause one day everyone is going to be pushed away from it and not even know what the bible is, but its not our fought, cause when we are little we go by what our parents teach us, and if they never teach us otherwise we will never know. I may believe in God, but my kids, kids or even their kids may not know what that word is, That’s why us the adults have to teach our kids, and hopefully they teach their kids, cause you never know when you will get taking off the world, and you may not be able to pass it down. And another reason why is because all the mean and bad people will make you believe other wise too, if they can have their way. but that’s why you have to prove them other wise. But I am done on this subject. This whole time I have set here and typed this I have had my earplugs in so I can concentrate on the subject of my post title, and this post went way further than that, into allot of different subjects, That right there tells you where music and what music can lead your mind too!


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