Rants ;D

I love to fucking rant, Just go on and on about a bunch of shit that pisses me off, and trust me allot of things piss me the fuck off, and its not just about things pissing me off, its about things that aggravate me, and trust me their is plenty of things that get down right under my skin.  Their is actually too much shit to tell you that gets under my skin, but only if you knew what all got under my skin only if everyone knew what got under my skin, it would save some people and get some people hurt. One of my recent rants is on schooling, and how my work has to be oh so perfect for the teachers or else I will automatically fail. Do you know how bad that pisses me off, because it is so fucking stupid that they act like that. I mean seriously that is fucking ridiculous, I mean really you cant accept all because it doesn’t look perfect, what about the fact that I tried, What about the fact I might not know how to do this, What about the fact That I might not have all the shit I need to do this class with and can’t afford it , I mean what the fuck is this shit. Another rant is about how people was raised, we was raised in this generation, we know how to work shit. We are all up to date on the new technology. we aren’t stupid. Now if you would take us back to when you was a kid yeah I would say we wouldn’t know how to do any of that because we wasn’t raised in that time period. So yes be all protective of the new shit cause if you like it or not I know what I am doing and I know how to work it for, I was raised up doing it. You can’t rant to people about stuff, cause they always take it the wrong way as to if you are meaning this stuff toward them. But you are just saying to them as if they was the person you would go off on, so it make’s it hard to keep it on a friendly basis, cause all in the end that person might accidentally want to kill you for something you said weather or weather not it was toward them or not. That’s why it is best to have these things with people that would agree 100% with you about it or at least partially about it.


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