Feel it in your heart, feel it in your soul. Let the Music take control.

Everyone remembers when I posted the quote, Music is the reason our hearts have beats. I will like to add the title to this post to the Music section in my life. What exactly do you feel in your heart when you are listening to music? And how will your soul react to letting the music take control?

You people out there probably think those are two of the craziest questions y’all ever heard. But if you are closed minded like me, and can only relate your emotions to song lyrics, and express your emotions and feeling through writing, than you all will know and understand that those are actually really important questions. To answer the first question I recommend going back through my previous post and reading the one about Music/Life. In that post, expresses exactly how my heart and mind feel when I listen to music.

And as far as the second question, so far can’t really be answered, cause sometimes the answer is inappropriate on so many different levels and ratings. One of the biggest emotion is anger, and if you let the music take control of your anger in a negative way; only bad results will and can happen. So you want to try to have the music take control of your anger and express it in a positive form. This positive form can be shown in multiple ways, it could be a blog post as like this one. It could simply be just talking to someone or a friend. And my most favorite one, is Sex.

Yes, Sex is a positive way to let out your aggression buildup, and why not add some music into all that to spice and tise it up a bit. Look at it to be a healthy and satisfying way to show the aggression buildup related to the song lyrics, not everyone has to know about that part but you. Most people who like rough sex, are the people releasing some anger, which makes their soul feel better.


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