&& Than Nightmarish Cluster-Fuck was born!

Has anyone ever wondered why my blog name is Nightmarish Clusterfuck? Well if so I am about to go into a Rant/Rave/Explanation on why. Those of you who are young and shouldn’t be looking at this site anyways, needs to maneuver your eyes else where. On the other hand to all your motherfuckers who are like me, and when I say like me, I mean like an outlaw, outcast, black sheep of not just the family but the world. I have dreams, goals, and passions just like the next person. I also have drug habits, some call them bad some call them, what ever the hell they want. I call it Hustle and Flow. Which basically sums up the cluster fuck part of the name. Other than the second word, “fuck” simply means I DO NOT give a FUCK! Now that I got that off my chest, here comes why nightmarish? I mean I don’t mean “No, don’t read this. Because it’s going to haunt you!” This just simply states that I have a dark side, weather or not I want to throw that out there like that or not is a totally different story, but seeing as how I stated the fact that IDGAF earlier, why would I now? What sense would that make? Exactly, it wouldn’t. I am a very weird person to some of you folk, but I don’t care. I am a dealer, a supplier, and a user. Dollar signs pop up in my eyes, blinding my vision to the normal society, which is perfectly fine to me. My soul is angry, it seems to not feel love, sadness, happiness, etc. because every single one of those emotions, some how got turned into anger. And now I, well my soul is very angry, and I have to express my emotions, in very deep, dark, demon like ways. In riddles, poems, and Rants. Shit that gets under my skin in ways that I can’t even explain myself. Have you ever looked into your soul, and stared into the darkness, and what you thought was the light, was actually the white in your demon eyes starring back at you? You know you are truly fucked up when you admit to yourself, that you only happy when its dark. Well more like your nocturnal. Which is perfectly normal for users like me. But after so many years of the same mistake of the insanity hoping for a different result, and the anger that builds up inside oneself, what else do you really expect, yeah you might appear perfectly normal and fine on the outside, but most likely you have a short fuse. And if you no longer give a fuck who you hurt and what you say to people, than you have accomplished being loyal, and you absolutely cannot tell a lie unless your saving your own ass or someone you care for. Than you are the bad person, you are the asshole, and the bitch who everyone hates, for being brutally honest. But that’s okay honey, you want to know why because all them people who hate on you hate on you because your what they want to be. It’s called jealously. And this subject just jumped three to four different topics in one post, but I believe now you understand where “Nightmarish” came from. So welcome to the society world of a “Nightmarish Clusterfuck!”


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