7 Weird Secrets Girls Can Only Tell Their Best Friends

Thought Catalog

Sex  and the City 2Sex and the City 2

1. Weird hookup stories that resulted in mortifying moments for everyone involved. Whether it’s a dude unsuccessfully trying to pull a move he saw in a porn once or a terrible noise in the middle of the act, these secret stories are shared amongst best friends until they become one word inside jokes. These jokes, however, will never make it out of the group text or the bathroom at the party. They are not meant to see the light of day. No one needs to hear about the time that guy actually spit on your mouth or the time you bit your ex’s lip so hard he started to bleed. No one but your best friends, who can laugh at it when you can’t.

2. Stories of teenage antics that probably include shoplifting. I’m convinced that 1 in every 4 girls has a shoplifting story from their youth that they…

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