Kentucky VS. Ohio

I am a 21 year old female living in the hills of Kentucky in the worst county I have ever lived in, in my life Clay County, also known as Manchester. I am from a small city in the Northern state known as Sidney, Ohio. And I would like to cite out 10 differences I noticed seeing as how I lived a large amount in both areas, and some pros and cons.

  1. People from Ohio seem to think on more of a logical level compared to people in Kentucky. 
    1. This is a con. Because if your anything like me, someone being completely illogical gets under your skin badly. But its not their fault its how they was brought up in this environment.
  2. We the people not just from Ohio, but from states residing out of Kentucky are more mature. 
    1. Some people may see this as a pro or a con. But I simply can’t stand all the drama that comes with this county and state. I hate it.
  3. The good thing about living in Manchester, KY is the privacy.
    1. You don’t have a neighbor in your business every time you turn around.
    2. Like most people who live in a country environment, you tend to be far away from society, and civilization.
      1. But some how you still get caught up in the drama bullshit. And on the other hand its such a small area, you literally know almost everyone in the town and the residing towns that border to your town.
  4. The one bad thing about living in the country compared to the city, is the lack of convenience.
    1.  You nearly have to drive 20 fucking miles to go to the damn grocery store, Walmart, hospital, etc. When in the city everything is in walking distance.
  5. Job opportunities are scarce nationwide right now, but they drop dramatically in KY, which is making people have to move to northern states to get a job.
    1. This could most likely be a con no matter how you look at it, because you are having to leave such a beautiful environment due to lack of living opportunity.
  6. Which brings me to a positive pro of living in the south is the beauty. You got unlimited amounts of beauty lying in the trees, woods, and areas. 
    1. The city, you have roads, houses, factories, nothing interesting.
  7. The rules and regulations are such bullshit in both places, except more ridiculous in KY than OH.
  8. Everything is cheaper the further north you go.
    1. Insurance is cheaper. Plus Ohio don’t do that no fault shit like Kentucky does. Bull Fucking Shit.
    2. Cars are cheaper. There could be two identical cars for sale, with the same shit wrong with them, same year, and the same miles, but since one is in Ky, they will price way to high, when you can travel about 300 miles north to Ohio and get it 1,000.00’s of $$ cheaper.
  9. Living Cost
    1. Living Cost in Ky is cheap, but yet you have no jobs to supply you to live in Ky, but don’t forget the government will pay for you to live there.
    2. Ohio yes their living cost may be a bit higher, but at least you can get a job to pay for you to live there and you can a type of financial help, to help you stand on your own two feet that god gave you for a reason.
  10. Drugs & People
    1. Drugs
      1. You have a large variety of different kinds of drugs in both Ohio and Kentucky, but they are more expansive in Kentucky than they are in Ohio.
        1. EX). I can buy a cboxin strip in Ky for the price 25-45$ I can also buy this in Ohio for the price of $3
    2. People
      1. Ohio people are not known for their hospitality, actually matter of fact they are the most stuck up snobbish people I have ever laid my eyes on despite their mature level.
      2. Kentucky people are know for their hospitality, they are nice, and will wave and say hello to anyone weather they know them or not. That’s just how they are. Despite their immature illogical level.

That’s my opinion on the two.


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