4 Tech Buzzwords You Should Know By Now

Thought Catalog


As a modern millennial, you want a basic understanding of technology buzzwords. But keeping up with them is a tedious and time consuming task that your frenzied schedule can’t accommodate. Why is it that everyone under the age of 30 is assumed to know the ins and outs of google fiber? What does bandwidth even do?

From the ins and outs of fiber optics to big data and beyond, here’s a crash course on some of today’s hottest tech buzzwords and (best of all) why you should be aware of them.

1. Fiber Optics 

What it’s all About:

Fiber optic lines are thin strands of optically pure glass that carry digital data over long distances with amazing speed. Once reserved for the medical industry and big business, we’re hearing more about fiber optic technology, as it makes its way into our homes through telephone systems, cable television, and the Internet.


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