Becoming a Critical Thinker & Blooms Taxonomy

Becoming a Critical Thinker:

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Consider Multiple Point of Views
  3. Draw Conclusions

Blooms Six Levels of Learning & This also helps with becoming a critical thinker.

  1. Evaluation
    1. Blooms highest level, is defined as using your ability to judge the value of ideas and information according to internal or external criteria.
      1. Evaluation Includes:
        1. Appraising  
        2. Auguring
        3. Defending
        4. Supporting
  2. Synthesis
    1. Is defined as bringing ideas together to form a new plan, proposal, or concept.
      1. Synthesis Include:
        1. Collecting
        2. Organizing
        3. Creating
        4. Composing
  3. Analysis
    1. Is defined as breaking down material into its parts so that you can understand its structure.
      1. Analysis Includes:
        1. Categorizing
        2. Comparing
        3. Contrasting
        4. Questioning
  4. Application
    1. Is defined as using what you have learned, such as rules and methods, in new situations.
      1. Application Includes:
        1. Choosing
        2. Illustrating
        3. Participating
        4. Interpreting
  5. Comprehension
    1. Is defined as understanding the meaning of the material.
      1. Comprehension Includes:
        1. Classifying
        2. Describing
        3. Explaining
        4. Translating
  6. Knowledge
    1. The bottom level, is defined as remembering previously learned material.
      1. Knowledge Includes:
        1. Arranging
        2. Defining
        3. Memorizing
        4. Recognizing

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