This Is Why I Won’t Sleep With You

Thought Catalog

Joe St.PierreJoe St.Pierre

Your lips can touch mine. Again and again. Your arms can envelop me as we lie next to each other in bed. Your breath can caress my skin. Your fingertips can move through my hair. You can say my name; you can call me sweet things. I will touch your lips with mine. I will let you embrace me tightly, as we fall into deep sleep. I will listen to your breathing. I will smile as your breath tickles me. I will hold my breath as your fingers touch my hair. I will hold my breath when you look into my eyes.

But I will not sleep with you.

Because you can never give me what I want, and what I need. I need to feel something real. I want to know what if feels like to not be dead inside. I want to feel alive. I don’t…

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