2 Areas that I find relatively interesting that I believe people should Learn more About.

So I found two things I would like to learn more about, and I would like more people to join me to learn more about these areas and join me. I want to hear everyone’s perspective on learning about Mind Control, not only in controlling others minds but your own as well. And also Lucid Dreaming. 

Lets start off with Mind Control and controlling your own mind, we all think about things like this, how can we control our own mind, instead of it controlling us. Although it is possible, it will take time to succeed and you must be truly fascinated by learning to control your own mind. Their is several layers of the mind before you can discover your own true consciousness. I am still reading about these 7 layers before discovering the true meaning of one self. Not to long ago I realized that I did no longer recollect who I am as a person. I lost who I am, I don’t know who I am, where I stand, and what my purpose is in life. This makes me confide into more information on the human mind. To learn that their is an infinite of knowledge locked up in my mind, that I need to awaken. So I have got on amazon and download a few books to teach me on how to do this. And I will have an update on this fairly soon.

The next area would be Lucid Dreaming, and the reason this comes second, is because one must know how to Control their own mind, before being able to Lucid dream, and learn how to control their dreams. Most people believe that dreaming is an unconscious state of mind. But we want to learn or rather I want to learn how to become conscious in this unconscious state. This also may take some time to learn and understand. But I do believe it will be rather interesting. I believe Lucid Dreaming and Controlling your own mind will reinforce one another, and make the third area possible at a more easy cause.

The final area is Mind Control of Others. Now we all know that some people may take offense to this, and it could be going across that line of others privacy. But this will also help us understand other perspectives and why they see the things the way they do. I must add it is not professional to Control others minds for your own selfish reasons and needs. But it is professional to control their minds with their consent. Once you have learned about the first two, and mastered them, than you can move on to the third area, and find a friend willing to try this with, don’t fully tell them what you are trying to do, just ask them to be apart of your experiment, so you can truly see the results of it. You must be the controller, and the observer.


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