7 Layers of your minds consciousness

Meditation is your own experience. 

  1. Lowest Level “Painful Stage”
    1. Your numb, by your own pain, you feel that everyone is hurting you.
    2. In this stage you also try to escape from reality to your own fantasy world.
    3. You are oblivious to any signals that the heart is sending oneself instead you are taking signals from the brain which are blocking what the heart truly desires, and this causes pain and suffering.
    4. You feel angry with life all the time.
    5. You feel really judgmental, toward people and from people.
    6. When conflicts arise, you feel the need to fight back with “conflicts” and cause more of a conflict instead of a solution to solving the problem.
    7. You need to show people and yourself lots of love to overcome this level.
    8. There is a feeling of infinite knowledge that awaits to be awakened inside your brain, its almost like its locked away in a vault deep down in the blackness of your own thoughts.
  2. The Observer
    1. You are now more aware of your own thoughts.
    2. Remember awareness to the problem is the first step to solving it.
  3. The Observer of Your Thoughts, from a different point of view
    1. You become thoughtlessness of your own thoughts.
    2. You are now aware of the minds repetitiveness, how your thoughts and ideas repeat in a pattern.

#2 & #3 Lead me to believe the step in between 2 & 3 is becoming responsible for your own thoughts and actions. On your  way to #4 you begin to notice your beliefs about your thoughts becomes more abstract.

  1. Middle Level of Consciousness: #4 Realization
    1. This plays as an impact role on one’s revolution.
    2. You will feel infinite Joy and Abundance.
    3. You will also experience pure passion for longer periods of time, like if you were once more a mere child again.
    4. Bliss for life like a child.
    5. Than you will get to enjoy the true reality from the heart.
  2. #5 Effects of Nature and How One Treats it.
    1. Everyone in your own life is simply a mirror of ones self. Your own image basically
    2. Lessons learned.

Stay open to the possibility of a purpose which is changing and evolving. In other words as I understand it always Expect the Unexpected.

#5 cont. You begin to appreciate mother earth more, you enjoy the beauty of nature. You are able to establish connection with surrounding people. You can no longer see the boundaries that society has created. I like to take this as it broadens your horizons. “All is where it’s meant to be”.

  1. #6 The Answer to all is ‘love’
    1. In this area you experience infinite and limitless love for all creatures both breathing and none breathing, and no I don’t mean non breathing as like the Zombies, I mean like the tree and plants and so on you get it.
  2. #7 Pure Consciousness aka (Christ Consciousness)
    1. This is the highest level.
    2. Ego’s idea of self and will destroy it self. I like to call it self-destruct.
    3. You will also come to notice all the puzzle pieces finally fall in place and fit together properly, and with out effort, or trying.

Do not force your self to live on 1/7 of these levels of consciousness but become more aware of your own consciousness.

Accept that we are all different and everyone is special and is on this earth for a different meaning to each of their lives.

To learn more about meditation and breathing techniques which are highly recommended to achieve these levels. Do some research on ‘Holotropie breath-work’.

True Self-What we were before the world and society told us who we were going to be. Which by the way we have to discover our true self, which will take some true time, the last time we all remember being our true self, is before we were born. You never know what another persons state of mind is, remember only ego recognizes ego. Infinite Knowledge aka the spirit, the soul and many other names. The whole thing is illogical but was broke down into 7 layers/levels to explain in a more logical manner. Consciousness connection is being able to really experience what ever you are trying to connect with.

Reality 1


Reality 2

Unlimited Boundaries=Logic

Reality 1 is living by the society’s and the worlds rules. Where there is a limit, to your boundaries, and although they may seem logical, you are just another person living by the rules of society. And you will more than likely rebound into any stage but a good stage, and not know how to control it. Its like living inside of a box.

Reality 2 Is filled with love, control of your own “real” feelings. You think more of outside the box, and take in to consideration of the many possibilities that life has to offer. There is an unlimited amount of boundaries, and its still logical. Although it may not be logical to all, it will be you and to others like you living in the 2nd reality. 

DO NOT get confused between the two reality and split personalities, because in a way I think some people will interpret this as they can have two different reality’s and live two different lives. Although that may be true, but not in this case, because your brain is one, not split into two. Also note that “Out of fears and your own thoughts, your mind will make-up emotions that do not exist”. You must learn how to let go of these emotions and move on.


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