CKY – Bam Margera – FuckFace Unstoppable – Viva La Bam

So I been watching a lot of Viva La Bam, and by the way I absolutely love this show, I can’t wait to finish out season 5, than continue on to Bam Margera’s other shows like Bam’s World Domination, and Viva La Spring Break, and what ever else I can find of his. I also ran onto his band on YouTube, I absolutely love his music as well, he has a great sense of humor and personality. I even checked out some of his and his brothers and their crews older stuff, on the band CKY. I love their music. It’s all great. And for you people who don’t know who or what any of these are, you honestly don’t know shit about music and entertainment, and need to go get that checked the fuck out.

I love Bams sign the circle with the heart and triangle in it, I decided I was going to get a tat of it along with my monster signs. He has such a bad ass personality, and does what ever the fuck he wants, and thats what I like about him. Also he seems to be very family oriented, and I like that about him.

Because I notice a bunch of people who get rich, don’t incorporate their family into it, but he does. And that makes me feel good, he has a passion for skateboarding and he has a band, he also incorporates fun and entertainment into everything he does.

Yeah he might be an asshole at times, but if he wasn’t than people prob wouldn’t like him as much. He is awesome.

@Bam Margera


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