Music, Sex, & Temptations!

Yes this is a very interesting topic. And well I guess what I am getting at here, is how does Music affect your sexual temptations?

I am not sure about any of you guys, but apparently I am not the only person who has this issue. I did some research to figure out a few reasons of why music rises my or your sex drive, other than the obvious reason, if you are enjoying the music it releases endorphins and dopamine which causes you a sexual arousal.

My whole thing is how does music affect this and why? I haven’t really got a solid base search on this, so I figured I would just talk about what I already know and what I think I know.

For starters Music leads to all kinds of different feelings for different people. When I listen to certain upbeat songs, it gives me cravings and temptation to wanting to persuade in a sexual act. I enjoy listening to music while having sex, I get really into it, as far as moving my body in with the rhythm of the song that I am currently listening to. Some partners may find this unattractive or odd. But some will explore deeper into this, if thats your thing and your partner likes to learn new things about you, and learn what you run off of.

In my case, I have a boyfriend, that I enjoy having sex with, but with his busy work schedual, I feel that I don’t get enough sex. I am addicted to sex in general, and its hard for me to have to wait for long periods of time before the next release. Which is anywhere from one to two weeks. I know I can release myself, but this makes me feel uncomfortable, I enjoy sex with another person. Which this seems pretty normal to me.

When I get to listening to the music that puts me in that type of mood that causes my sex drive go into overdrive, my temptation levels rise, and I don’t like this because it makes me want to just sleep with someone just to get off. And a lot of people would normally break it off with someone if they aren’t getting pleased in the ways they want to be pleased, but I feel that is so not the way to go. Because if you really like someone and want to be with them, than you need to accept that they have other prioties before you, and you just have to wait your turn. But its so hard, when you are addicted to sex, and feel that you want or need it all the time.

And others may be wondering if the music I am listening to makes me tempt my sex life, than I shouldn’t listen to it. And this is where this gets hard, because I am not going to stop enjoying the music I like just because I hit overdrive and get tempted with all these different options to release myself. I need to learn how to take better control of the issue, and come out with a decent solution to my problem.

I am 21 and he is 31, I been doing a lot of thinking on this one, he has two kids and I have none, I do want kids of my own one day, but thats for another subject. I been thinking maybe I am too young to be trying to settle down, or maybe we are just on two completely different levels with this. But older guys know and can have just as much fun as younger women. Just because he is older doesn’t mean he isn’t a sex addict himself. Which honestly I don’t think he is, because he doesn’t want it as much as me, as far as I can tell, without exploring in deep conversation on that subject.

He allows me to explore a tad, but I been with guys only a couple years younger than him, that I explored 10 different ways of levels with. Which I enjoyed so much, because we taught each other new things. This has helped me a lot now with new people. But I want that exploration back, in my new relationship, I am just wondering how for is he willing to go? And I don’t want to come straight out and ask him, so what would be a good way to ease into that subject? He allows me to have my fun when the tunes are on, which is the first person who let me dance while screwing. I enjoyed it so much, its like I was high off the sex, it was absolutely amazing.

I am going to end this post right here and right now, because a new subject just popped in my head that I need to explore deeper into. And get opinions from my readers as well.


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