Seductive, Sexy, ??

I remember when I was around 19-20 years old, and my friends with benefits would always tell me I need to learn to act more sexy. Seeing as how he was older than me, he seemed to know what he was talking about, and what he was looking for in a women.

How do you act sexy? Or how do you start to become more sexy? Apparently this is not just a word to describe how one looks, but also how one presents themselves in the bed and during playful time. Could someone please explain this role to me, or at least give me some steps to follow?

I always thought I had a sexy body, and that was all that I needed to become or act sexy, but apparently there is a whole new meaning and world beyond what the word originally stands for.

And the next thing or rather area I would like to explore is being Seductive, or Seducing. I use to have my game on and be able to do shit like this, but now that I have stopped doing the drugs, and settled down quite a bit, I seemed to forget how to seduce a man and be seductive and general. How does one forget these things? Someone explore this subject with me, I want to hear answers from other peoples perspectives. I enjoy learning new things from different points of view. Just comment below and strike up a conversation with me letting me know some ideas and tips or lessons. Or you can email me at my personal email @ Just put this title in the subject and let me know which area you would like to discuss or both areas.

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2 thoughts on “Seductive, Sexy, ??

  1. One need not be feign seductive or sexy,an artificial demeanor will always be found out and then we have to undergo the consequence. A natural beauty or the beauty bestowed to us by our Creator is sufficient to attract others like a magnet attract the iron flings.

  2. How does one act sexy? Like what does that even mean? If it’s something that doesn’t come natural should we even practice it? Someone telling you that you need to act sexy kind of hurts your self esteem if you know what I mean. How would you handle this comment / situation ?

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